I lost over 100lbs and…

Ever since I transformed my life in losing over 100lbs, I have been on a mission to understand “how” and “why” I did it. Three college degrees later and over 10 years of experience of actually changing behavior (individual and population-level) I am ready to bring my successes, failures and learnings mainstream…

Why I Left Health, Fitness & Nutrition Industry

People spend considerable time, effort and money trying to change with little success.   I have spent my life unraveling the gap  between success and failure with behavior change and my findings are not what many suspect.  The large success I had with helping people change their health behavior boils down to instilling psychological principles and strategies to help people unlock their own sustainable change. Most people have the knowledge needed to change but need a:

  1. Strategy to approach change.
  2. Change principles to guide our focus
  3. Help finding their purpose (our ‘why’ we should change)

Why I Moved into Marketing & Consumer Research?

I have learned more about changing behavior in 6 weeks of marketing than 6 years of health, fitness and nutrition.

There are two broad reasons that prompted my move:

  1. Finding Better Solutions: My life follows a simple rule: do what works, discard what doesn’t.  Health, fitness, and nutrition fields are simply not moving the needle when it comes to creating long-term change. The unfortunate nature is the ‘learning, teaching and training’ doesn’t easily transfer to action.  It misses the essential ingredients required for sustainable behavior change (e.g., strategy, purpose, emotion, motivation, resilience, identity).
  2. Seeking Universal Principles to Change: Although my ‘success story’ is inspiring, that recipe won’t work for everyone. To understand the complexities of change and uncover what works on a broader level prompted me to pivot into the behavioral sciences.Which is why I pivoted to behavior change.  Specifically, I am interested in universal behavior change principles that can be applied by everyone to create meaningful change.

“Jason…so what exactly do you do?” — Mom

I work with the worlds leading brands to design large scale behavior change initiatives to understand and influence consumer behavior. Simply put, I apply rigorous science to understand the minds of consumers and design interventions to change consumer behavior. 

Why Understanding is Key to our Personal Change Initiatives

Imagine you were coaching a football team and decided to only focus on practicing offense — how do you think your team would do? Your team would lose. Without understanding the competition and practicing defense wining would be unlikely. Not practicing defense is like focusing on trying to change our behaviors without understanding the forces that prevent us for changing. Moving into marketing gave me a deeper and broader understanding of behavior change. We need to understand marketing to change.

What is the website for?

I am now finally bringing my learnings mainstream. I will be slowly releasing my secrets for changing and sustaining behaviors in preparation for my book launch. My writing will be focused on timeless principles and strategy to create meaningful change in our lives. Whether its personal, business, or sports if you are looking for sustainable solutions to create lasting change, improve decision-making or amping up personal health or productivity be sure to subscribe!

How you can help?

  1. Read.
  2. Send me your feedback, thoughts, or stories!
  3. Share with people!


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