Politics, like religion and my diet, are topics I generally avoid discussing because indifference often makes people upset and can be a big time waste. However, someone recently couldn’t move on with their life without prying out of my position on the upcoming election.

I am NOT voting!

My choice to not vote boiled her blood! Apparently if we have the “right to vote” we should exercise our option to vote. But just because we have the right to vote should we vote?

We have the right to “free speech”, but should we always open our mouths? We have a right to “bear arms”, but should we all own a gun? Just because there is a Black Friday sale should we buy something? If you have nothing to say, no interest in owning a gun or no money to spend most would generally avoid speaking, owning or spending. The same goes for voting. Just because we can does not mean we should. Sometimes the best decision is NO decision.

Voting is Important.

Uninformed voting is not good. Voting without knowing and understanding why or who we are voting is like gambling blindfolded. My choice to not vote right now is simply because I have not invested the time and energy to form my opinion and judgment on what is best for me, and the future of this country.

Voting Doesn’t Take a Lot of Time

One may be thinking, it doesn’t take much time or effort to vote. And you would be right. Voting is easy. Any half witted human can pick A or B. The time wasting and effort comes with forming a judgment and voting decision that intelligently reflects our future.

Voting Should be a Priority

Politics has not become a priority for many because it can be a massive time suck. Some people criticize people for “wasting time” watching TV, Netflix or on social media (which adds positive value to their life). But how is that any different than absorbing hours into debating politics (which likely adds stress and gets nowhere)?

The reality is we all weigh our priorities differently. For some politics is a big part of their life.  They pride themselves on spending time to express their opinions, vote and change votes of  others. Others prioritize and value religion, sports, family, health or work. Priorities do change, and eventually iron themselves out.

You Should Vote

I wholeheartedly encourage people who have done their due diligence, and crafted their view of politics and candidates to vote. Go express yourself. Go feel proud of you position in politics. If you have yet to have a political stance, thats OK too. One day that can and will likely change. Respect people who actively exercise their freedom not to vote.

Go America!

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