Last year I visited NYC, having lived in Florida the past 9 years and I will never forget rushing out of the subway feeling like Ray Lewis entering the football field. On April 14, 2019 marks 1 year since I moved to NYC from Miami Beach— was it a good move?

Leaving South Beach…Are you nuts???

South beach is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Leaving palm tree paradise was not easy — beach in my backyard, silky white sand softer than my sheets and year round weather so amazing that it could make the grinch smile. People thought I was crazy to come back to the cold.

Waking up every morning to watch the 5am sun creep over the crystal clear water as the sound of waves climb up the sand providing a peace of my mind that would make Buddha jealous. Life was simple — I lived on Ocean Drive, worked from home, gym 2 blocks away, whole foods a cycle away, and an unrivaled amenity that Miami offers — The Beach. I sold my car and simplified my life to having every luxury I could ever want within a 10 block radius— fitness, food, beach, biking, work and a small group of friends. No tv, no car, no traffic, and no problems. Life was easy…too easy.

I loved everything about South Beach living. I was happy but not satisfied knowing my potential and what I am capable of. Ever since my brother Matt died, everyday I wake up asking myself, “when I die how do I want to be remembered?” Scenarios constantly run through my mind not having the impact I desire before I die — not helping, not sharing my knowledge, not creating change in the world. I was craving more for myself, a set of expectations not best served by being in Miami Beach.

3 Reasons I Moved to NYC…

 1. Growth.

Miami is in its diapers compared to NYC,” said a good friend before I made the choice to move. He couldn’t have been more right. With over 8 million people packed into 300 square miles, all seeking to do something interesting and amazing provides an unparalleled energy to be your best. NYC is not for the faint of heart. The same energy that propels people to the pinnacle of their lives, crumbles those unprepared to stand eye to eye with the Big Apple. Never ending noise, polluted air, expensive price tags, and impatient people willing to knock you down to get ahead — all waiting to drag down the weak. The NYC grind tests your grit. Living here is not the easiest place in the world, but it is the best place to challenge, grow, learn, create, uncover your identity, your passion, and realize your true potential.

Since moving to NYC, I joined a behavioral science agency BEESY. My days, nights and weekends blur with the workload, but it’s beyond rewarding. Helping start a company and turn nothing into something truly energizes me. Also, I am fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading brands on some of the most pressing business challenges.  But I am just getting started.

2. Relationship.

South Beach is not especially known for its dating scene. My South Beach dating experience can be summed up in 3 questions…

  1. “Do you speak English?”
  2. “Do you have your greencard?”
  3. “How long are you here for?” 

I was extremely excited to move to NYC to find a partner to share my life with. In NYC you enter an extremely large, diverse and high caliber dating pool defined by values, intelligence, passion, grit, and personality. The problem with NYC dating is elegently summed up by Tim Krieder, “Everyone’s too busy and everyone thinks they can do better.” 

Since a young boy, my family has deeply engrained in me the value of a life partner. I am very fortunate to say, I found someone truly special. She makes me smile everyday, challenges me and puts up with me waking up early : ). The feeling of commitment never felt so good ❤Lindsay Simon

3. Book.

I came to NYC with a goal to publish a book with one of the top 5 publishing houses. Since 2012, writing has been a powerful tool for me to express myself and channel my passion, but also for creating timeless impact. Being able to take complex ideas, experiences and transform them into a cohesive narrative that resonates with a wide audience really inspires me to write every day.

Since moving to NYC, I have accelerated my writing skills, and have refined my appreciation for the craft. I work with an exceptional writing coach (thanks Jess!) who maximizes my time toward the publication of my and Matt’s memoir. Stay tuned for a few essays to be splashing into major publications later this year.

Was moving to NYC worth it?

Leaving the South beach life and moving to New York City was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, but one of the most rewarding.  The ability to challenge myself in new ways in such a short time has paid out immensely and in ways I would not have expected. Looking forward to what lies ahead!

Keep moving.


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